By Iva Finlay

Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis insist Wenger is not scared to spend but will holdout for top talent.

Arsenal are determine to make sure that they have the financial firepower to compete with other clubs for high-profile signings.

The bosses at the Emirates believe that quality is more important than quantity, however, just because the money is there does not mean it needs to be spent.

After a meeting of the club’s supporters group and shareholders Gazidis said: “Arsene is not scared to spend money but he has to believe they are top-class players who will add to the squad.

“Can I guarantee he will spend all of the money available to him? That depends on the talent available.

“Arsene has done an outstanding job to make sure Arsenal stay in the mix with the top teams, but we are not where we want to be, but in the mix – on a relatively limited budget.”

Gazidis also admits that the time has come for Arsenal to stop settling for top-four finishes and set their sights on challenging for titles again.

Adding: “We have been consistent, in that we haven’t slid backwards or gone forwards. Now we need to go forwards.

“It is not enough to watch a video of a last-minute scramble to get over the line and into fourth place.”