By Anna Sneider

The good news for Gunner fans is that Goalkeeper David Ospina is back along with Tomas Rosicky and Yaya Sanogo, the bad news is that defender “Laurent Koscielny is short for Friday… maybe back on Sunday.”

When asked about Arteta Wenger said: “He’s progressing well. He had a little set back and will not play before January.”

As for Aaron Ramsey the Gunners boss said “He could be back for Southampton.”

Mesut Özil is also working hard to get back to playing with Wenger adding: “He’ll be back at the beginning of January. He works very hard and is very focused.”

There has also been some speculation as to the fitness of Theo Walcott, but Wenger assured everyone that he was just as quick as he was before being injured last season.

Talking about Fridays match against QPR Wenger said: “Boxing Day football is something special. Only England plays and this contributes too why the Premier League is so famous.

“It’s a London derby and we expect QPR to come and have a go at us. We have to take advantage of our Christmas schedule.”