Emmanuel Petit one of the Arsenal Invincible’s has said that he thinks the current team lacks the grit and determination of his generation.

“You have to remember the defence that we had,” said Petit. “You could rely on Seaman, Adams, Keown, etc.

“We knew how to travel. When we had to play, we knew how to do that too. I remember one away game at Wimbledon where Tony Adams came to say to me: ‘Today, Manu, forget the football. It’s war’. We knew how to adapt because we only wanted one thing: to win.”

It’s hard to believe but the Frenchman is now 44 and thinks the current team lacks the hardness he remembers.

“Let’s say that the Barcelona of keeping the ball has overtaken that style,” he said.

“But today, you have to be more direct and pragmatic. You see that with Germany or Real Madrid. Arsenal have very pretty players but there are not ‘killers’ in this team. At that time, we were tough; we did not play to look good.”

Gunners boss Arsene Wenger gave Petit his debut for Monaco in 1988 before bringing the French midfielder to Arsenal in 1997.