Arsenal will not SIT BY while Manchester United spend big


Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger seems to have taken a step back from his earlier comments in which he said Arsenal only needed to address a couple of positions this summer, and now appears to be going on the offensive to counter Manchester United and allow the Gunners to mount their own title assault next season.

‘We are ready to spend the money for players who strengthen our team. There is a difference in that and just spending money,” Wenger told beIN Sports.

“If I ask you who has spent the most money this last season and if I give you last season, and the season before, it is never the teams who have won the championship.

‘We are in a position where we just want a player with an exceptional quality in any area that can strengthen us.

‘The depth of squad is important and any world class player in any position can help us achieve what we want to achieve.’

This is more like what Arsenal fans need to hear as they await news on who Wenger thinks is good enough to help with the title challenge.