There may be quite a large point’s difference between Chelsea and Arsenal, but most people are of the opinion that Arsenal will be in a position to challenge for the Premier League title next season if manager Arsene Wenger makes some smart buys this summer.



France based football journalist Matt Spiro is pretty savvy to Arsene Wenger’s interest in Ligue 1 players tweeting that Arsenal is interested in Lyon attacker Nabil Fekir and Monaco defender Aymen Abdennour.



21-year-old Fekir is thought to be one of the top prospects in French football and has gone a long way this season helping Lyon challenge Paris Saint-Germain for the title scoring 12 goals in 31 appearances for the club.



26-year-old Tunisian international Aymen Abdennour is a central defender who has gone a long way in helping Monaco to have one of the best defensive records in France leading a back line that allows in very few goals.



You can see the pair in action in the video’s below.