Arsenal defender Per Mertesacker believes that Calum Chambers will develop into one of the Gunners biggest stars.

Arsenal signed the right-back from Southampton in 2014 for a fee which could rise to as much as £16 million based on the performance of the 20-year-old.

And despite having to fight for a place in the team now, German international Mertesacker believes his patience will be rewarded.

“He’s a good guy and we challenge each other every single day in training,” Mertesacker said. “That’s what it’s all about. He’s eager to learn, he really fancies challenging every single centre-back and that’s something you need.

“When you step up as a young talent, you need to challenge the old lads. It’s really good to have him so that we can improve. You never stop working, you never stop doing things because there’s someone behind you – in a respectful way – who is giving absolutely everything in every single training session.

“That’s what my feeling is. When he does that, he’s got a great chance to develop as one of the top centre backs.

“It’s a good situation for us because every player gives something to the team. It’s not only about taking something or taking a place, for us it means more to play for Arsenal than just getting a spot in the line-up.

“It’s a good situation for all of us. There will be small niggles, injuries and sicknesses so we have to find a way of playing with each other, no matter who’s playing. That is the situation but it’s a very respectful situation.”