Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has revealed three Arsenal players who he expects to get stronger “next year”. Speaking the Guardian, Wenger named Alex Iwobi, Francis Coquelin and Mohamed Elneny as players he expect to only get better next season.

Wenger also spoke on what to expect from Arsenal in the transfer window this summer. The Frenchman hinted Arsenal will carry out little transfer business in the window this summer. Apparently, the current Arsenal players are difficult to get better on.

“If you look at the top three teams, you will see they have not changed their team a lot,” said Wenger, as quoted in the Guardian on Saturday. “We have to strengthen our squad but it’s not obvious to find the players despite the money the English clubs will have. We are already working but we have to find the players and that is not easy.

“You cannot dismiss that the players are young: Alex Iwobi is 19, Mohamed Elneny is 23, Francis Coquelin 24, and they will be stronger next year but you need to keep a core of players and strengthen where we can. The team is going the right way.”

This is a shocking statement from Wenger from any angle. Truly, Alex Iwobi, Francis Coquelin and Mohamed Elneny are solid players and they can only get better. However, saying it will be difficult to get someone better than Theo Walcott for instance is very ridiculous.

There are certainly many players better than Theo Walcott, there are certainly many players better than Olivier Giroud, Welbeck and Gabriel. Wenger is merely making excuses in advance trying to prepare Arsenal fans’ mind for a possibly another poor dealing in the transfer window.

Wenger should just note that Arsenal cannot afford to have another poor transfer window. The fans are getting increasingly impatient and next season could well be the Frenchman’s last season at Arsenal and he will do his legacy at the club a whole lot of harm if he leaves on a poor note which is almost certain if the right businesses are not conducted in the transfer window this summer.