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The failure of Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho to block the sale of Petr Cech has now made Arsenal genuine title contenders according to Arsenal midfielder Mathieu Flamini.

Mourinho however made it clear before the 33-year-old shot-stopper was allowed to join Arsenal that if it was up to him the move would never happen, as he would never sell a Chelsea player to a team he regarded as a Premiership rival.

In the end it was Chelsea’s billionaire owner Roman Abramovich who sanctioned the move, and we here at Soccer Transfers we feel the Chelsea owner did the right thing considering Cech had given the Blues 11 years of loyal service, and only wanted to leave Stamford Bridge after having been relegated to the No.2 spot.

“I was surprised by Mourinho because he really doesn’t do that,” said the Arsenal midfielder, quoted in Thursday morning’s Daily Telegraph. “He’s a competitor and usually doesn’t like to sell any players to his rivals, but it’s a good favour for us and now we have to take advantage. It’s a top signing. That’s why we have been lucky on this one.