If you take a look at the teams who win titles, the one thing they all have in common is they possess a world class goalkeeper.

This cannot be said of Arsenal no matter who many clean sheets David Ospina has this season as last night’s mistake in the 0-1 loss to Swansea City proved.

Even Sky Sports Pundits Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher agree Arsenal if they want to win the title must sign a quality keeper, with them also saying it would not be Chelsea’s Petr Cech.

Carragher said: “I think Arsenal need to go out in the summer and just buy a proper No 1.”

“His record is good because the team are playing well and are defending well so they’re not having that much to do, but he was bought as a No 2.

“Very rarely do you see a No 2 goalkeeper become a No 1. If he was that good, why was he bought as a No 2? Why wasn’t he coming and being the No 1?

“That’s what Arsenal need. They need a world-class goalkeeper. Petr Cech? I don’t think Jose would like that.”

Neville agree with the former Liverpool defender saying: “If I was Jose Mourinho, with Arsenal potentially being one of my biggest rivals next season, I would not sell them Cech at all.

“It lets Arsenal off the hook. You could argue they have struggled for a goalkeeper since Jens Lehmann and David Seaman. It’s a struggle to win a title without a great goalkeeper, a massive struggle.

“Ospina is obviously a good goalkeeper and he has done well, but he is not a No 1 and they need a top goalkeeper. They need someone who is going to make saves like that [to stop Swansea’s goal] and save his team points.

“Tonight it was a goalkeeping mistake. People at home will say it’s harsh, but it’s a fact. Ultimately when your centre-backs and full-backs get caught at the back post you need your goalkeeper to pull you out and he hasn’t done it here tonight.

“It’s not a massive mistake, but it’s one of those things that tells Arsenal moving forwards they need a No 1 goalkeeper.

“I don’t think he’s their No 1. He’s probably a No 2.”