Following the spirited performance in the 2-0 Champions League win over Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich on Tuesday, Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger claims his side now possess the mental strength needed in order to with the Premier League title.

Wenger highlighted the contributions of Mesut Ozil and Petr Cech, who both helped the Gunners to win their last three matches without conceding a single goal.

A win over Everton this evening at the Emirates will send Arsenal into first place, be it only for 24 hours, but at least it shows Arsenal is up there competing with the big boys.

While speaking about their new found discipline Wenger said: “People reproached us many times, ‘Okay, Arsenal play football but they are a bit fragile’. Before, maybe, when we were not dominating the game, completely we were a bit insecure. On Tuesday, Bayern had a lot of the ball, but we could handle that.”

Speaking about how Ozil stepped up the Frenchman said: “He is 27 now.”

“It is the golden age of a football player – 27 to 31, 32 – the age when you know your job. You realise suddenly that it is not only important to play, it is important to win as well.

“Under 25, you think you can last for ever. Once you get to 27, you realise it’s time to capitalise on what you have learned and efficiency takes a little bit over the playing mood.

“His talent is fantastic. Sometimes I think he sacrifices himself for the team.”

For the game against Bayern Munich, Wenger played Petr Cech, despite No.2 goalkeeper David Ospina having started the clubs previous two Champions League games.

“You could see the other night that in a big, big game how important that is,” Wenger said. “Because the first goal is the decider in a big game.”