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Arsenal fans may be a little worried when they heard what manger Arsene Wenger said following the FA Cup win over Aston Villa at the weekend when he suggested that Arsenal did not need to spend ‘stratospheric’ amounts of money this summer in order to win next seasons Premier League title.

Here however lies the problem for Arsenal, and that is that the players Wenger wants to sign other clubs do as well, with Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal in all likelihood going after the same players the Frenchman wants to bring to the Emirates.

The big problem for Arsenal, and we are sorry to say it is Arsene Wenger, as he regards the money he spends as his own, while Dutchman van Gaal looks upon it as the clubs money and if they give it to him to spend he will go out and do it.

Paul Pogba is a prime example of the type of player Wenger would love to have, but never will, because he would never spent the amount of money it would take to sign him where as clubs like Chelsea, Barcelona, Manchester United and Real Madrid would have no hesitation in paying the £70 million he is expected to be sold for this summer.

When the 63-year-old Dutchman took over at Old Trafford he said his first priority was to get the club back into the Champions League and then make an assault on the Premiership title.

Having achieved his first objective after having done a lot of experimentation with his set up at Old Trafford he now knows exactly what type of players he needs to win the title next season and will not be shy about spending the cash to get the job done.

Wenger meanwhile, we feel will once more be cautious and lose out on players we all know he wants to sign for the simple fact he will not in his mind overpay, which is why Arsenal could lose Morgan Schneiderlin to Manchester United.

For Wenger to play this transfer window the right way he should take a leaf from Jose Mourinho’s book over at Chelsea.

When the Portuguese manager saw his team come up short last season he addressed the areas where he needed to improve, and went out and signed Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas while at the same time offloading players he had no use of to raise funds.


Here at Soccer Transfers we do feel that Arsenal can compete for the title but Wenger needs to sign three-players, a world class striker like Edinson Cavani, a top goalkeeper like Petr Cech and a defensive midfielder like Schneiderlin or Vidal.

This is all possible given the Gunner financial strength and Wenger can even offload players such as Podolski and Campbell to add to the transfer kitty.

Unfortunately though knowing Wenger he will not want to pay Cavani’s massive salary, and will fail in his attempt to sigh Cech while missing out on both Schneiderlin and Vidal to other clubs.

What all this means if we are right it that one quality signing will be arriving on the last day of the transfer window with Wenger agreeing to a fee of around £40 million just as he has done in the last two seasons with Ozil and Sanchez.

arsenal, chelsea, manchester united