Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud has said that there are many Arsenal players who smoke, and that it is not a problem he revealed to French sports newspaper L’Equipe, after it was suggested that there was a secret smoking culture at the club.

Just before Christmas Polish goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny was fined after having been caught smoking in the showers then there was the photos of Jack Wilshere in Las Vegas and in a London night club lighting up.

Giroud claims that they are not the only ones saying: ‘Everyone knows that there are a lot of players who smoke.’

‘In every team there are four or five. It doesn’t shock me. In rugby, they also smoke. And nobody is shocked.’

Manager Arsene Wenger will know how to deal with the situation, as he used to be quite a smoker back in the day, before the health implications suggested how bad it was for you.