Arsenal boss reveals plan to BLITZKRIEG Bayern Munich on Tuesday night


With Arsenals Champions League ambitions hanging by a thin thread following losses to both Dianamo Zagreb and Olympiacos, the Gunners boss knows that nothing but a win against the Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich will be enough to keep the Gunners in Europe’s most prestigious competition.

With this in mind Wenger is planning an all-out Blitzkrieg (lightning war) against the German giants when they visit the Emirates on Tuesday night for the first of their two-leg affair.

“The confidence level is there, the required result is there as well,” said Wenger. “We know exactly what is needed – a 0-0 is not even a good result. To score goals, we have to attack.

“What we want to do is play up to our level because that will be needed against a big team.”

Arsenal has in the past made a habit of defying the odds when it comes to playing highly-rated opposition, yet Wenger admits it is their own fault that they find themselves in this current predicament following two losses to supposedly weaker opposition.

“It is true that it happened before but we want to do it again because we feel a bit that the pain inflicted was a bit by ourselves, maybe subconsciously we thought, ‘anyway we will win these’. Now to correct we need a great performance.”

“We just need to move on from the first couple of results,” he said. “We know we are capable of getting results against Bayern Munich and we obviously want to put things right.

“We just need to work hard and that is what it comes down to because we know the talent is there and it has always been there.”