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Week in week out Chelsea winger Eden Hazard terrorizes defenders in the Premiership, yet for all those interested in how to put the Chelsea man off his game and almost effectively neutralize him all you have to do is watch last night’s Champions League match between Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain.

PSG’s central midfielder Marco Verratti took care of Hazard never allowing the tricky Belgium to spend too much time on the ball, and yes he did foul him quite a few times, including one tackle that could have had him sent off.

And while it is easy to see why Arsenal and Manchester United would be interested in signing the 22-year-old Italian international we can see why Jose Mourinho was a little upset at the way he took Chelsea’s best player out of the game.

“In England you like to bring up some other discussions, but this point is important because of what happened today,” Mourinho said

“For example, what happened with Verratti. If it is another player, they will stay on the floor, they will roll on the grass and scream – these kids will ask for cards.

“This kid Hazard is pure. When he goes to the floor it is for a reason and there were nine fouls on him.

“In the Premier League it is exactly the same, but it is only now that you ask this question.”