ANTON FERDINAND broke his silence over John Terry, declaring: I’m no liar.

Anton: I’m no liar


The QPR defender hit out at Twitter taunts after Chelsea skipper Terry was found guilty of racial abuse by the FA.

Ferdinand tweeted: “People need 2 read the facts before they send stupid tweets 2 me with liar and grass in it footage don’t lie.”

Terry faces a four-match ban and a £220,000 FA fine unless he successfully appeals over the punishment for his outburst at Ferdinand last October, which was partly captured by TV cameras.

Ferdinand yesterday made his first public appearance since Thursday’s verdict as he signed a new video game at a supermarket in Watford.

He was cheered by a pocket of supporters at the store as hundreds of fans queued for his signature.

Meanwhile, the Kick It Out Campaign’s annual awareness drive is planned from October 18-29 and will include Manchester United’s visit to Chelsea on October 28.

All players will be asked to wear anti-racism T-shirts while warming up. The game could bring Terry face-to-face with Anton’s brother Rio.