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As Arsenal prepares to take on Manchester United for what could possibly be a sign as to whether or not they truly have the credentials needed to win the Premiership, after having now seen for the second time in a row seen their Champions League ambitions go down in flames at the hands of lesser opposition.



Todays match, should Arsenal lose could also make the soon to be 66-year-old decide that perhaps its time to hang up his football boots and let a younger man take over the club.



Speaking about the importance of todays match Wenger said: “Without the home form, you don’t win the championship, that’s for sure. Manchester United have always won all their championships at home.



“This is a big game at home and the advantage is to win the big game at home.”



“It’s the first maybe massive game for the top of the table. It’s at home and you want to win it.”


But he predicted: “If we turn up with a top-level performance we can beat them.”



Today also marks the 19th anniversary of his reign at Arsenal, and could be pivotal in deciding just how much longer he wants to remain in charge with his opposite number Louis van Gaal already saying he will retire at the end of next season.