Who needs Raheem Sterling when you have Jordan Ibe?


Despite creating the Reds opener to show the reason why he was given the start at the Adelaide Oval, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers still feels as though Jordan Ibe still needs to work hard in order to unleash his full potential.

He said: “I think he is still very young, he is still 19 years of age but you can see the potential in him.

“It is just him just continually working hard at his game, he has still got a long way to go for that consistency but everyone sees that potential.

“All our young players know that if they demonstrate the right personality they have a chance to play.

“It is up to them they know they will get their chance if they can coordinate their game and work to the plan of the collective then they will have a great chance.

“Jordon is a very exciting talent and we will manage him individually.

“There is nothing the same for everyone, he is his own player and we need to manage him and [do] what is best for him and the team.”