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The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has said that Tottenham have unbalanced their team after having made so many new summer signings.

While admitting he will be relying on Danish international Niklas Bendtner for goals this season.

Wenger who everyone in football know by now has yet to spend any of his, sorry any of the clubs money on new signings yet this summer is slamming rivals Spurs for bringing in too many new players.

The Frenchman said: “They try very hard of course. That’s normal. In our job, there is a technical risk when you buy more than three players always because you unbalance a little bit the stability of your squad. I know that in England it’s very well seen but it’s always difficult when you bring so many players in, how everybody will do to predict that.”

When reporters asked how he felt about Real Madrid’s £86 million bid for Gareth Bale the Gunners boss said: “They are very generous. Look, I don’t think at all that the prices are linked with the quality of the players, during this summer especially. The prices today are just linked with the financial power and the desire of the buyer.”

Meanwhile Spurs will travel to the Emirates with their unbalanced team on Sunday for the local derby which if Arsenal do not win will have the fans even more up in arms than they already are over his failing to sign any players this summer.

Who knows though perhaps as the market closes at 11pm on Monday night the 63-year-old manager will pull back a curtain to reveal a host of big name signings that he has been keeping secret while shouting “tada.”