Arsene Wenger

During his pre-match press conference arsenal manager Arsene Wenger pointed out that the referee for Sunday’s match Michael Oliver will be being watched closely.

Wenger joked when asked if things may be a little easier now that Sir Alex Ferguson is not in the opposing dugout saying: “That is a question you shouldn’t ask me, but the referees.”

When asked if referees were influence by Ferguson the Frenchman said: “Every year there is a company who makes the table reasoned without the referees’ mistakes, so check that.”

“There (at Old Trafford) pressure comes as well from the crowd, when they go for every ball and put the referee under pressure.

“It’s down to the referee to make the right decisions, to protect the players and to give the free-kicks that you deserve.”

Currently the Gunners are five-points clear at the top of the premiership fresh off victories against Liverpool last weekend and Dortmund midweek that has the Arsenal boss confident ahead of Sunday’s game saying: “Yes, we believe we can get a result, we go there like we go everywhere, to control the game and to win the game.

“We still think the best way to win at Old Trafford is to control the game, which means take the ball, keep the ball and have more possession than they do.

“We are maybe a little less under pressure because we have a little advantage (in the table) but we have to use that in a positive way.”