Wenger wants to silence Arsenal critics

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger feels that his side could have taken something away from the Etihad, but admits it was errors that caused them to concede so many goals.

“We had the best defence in the league but we conceded many goals,” Wenger admitted.

“Honestly, we could have scored at least six today as well. It was a very open game, we made too mistakes though.

“Our strength until today was our defensive strength but that went today.”

Wenger thinks that without the mistakes they could have taken something from the game saying that both Everton and Southampton are as good as Manchester City.

“City were not unbeatable today,” he insisted.

“City are one of the teams to beat this season but not more so than other teams we have played this season.

“We’ve played Everton who are as good as City. We’ve played Southampton who are as good as City.”

There was however a moment of controversy in the match when Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere appeared to make a rude gesture towards the City fans which could possibly result in a fine and a one match ban similar to what happened to Liverpool’s Luis Suarez in 2011 during a match against Fulham.

Wenger said: “I didn’t see that. I don’t know if he did it. If he did it and is banned, we will have to accept it.”

The misery was compounded by the loss of Laurent Koscielny with a gashed knee while trying to prevent City’s second goal leading Wenger to say:” He will be out for a while, but for how long I don’t know.”