Manchester United


Despite Manchester United recent loss to a division one club, Mk Dons, boss Louis van Gaal is convinced tactics or team selection isn’t the cause of the team’s woeful performance.

The manager has also stated he has no regret as he promises to look into the problem before the team’s next match away at Burnley.

The manager made no apologies for the humiliating defeat to Mk Dons as he attributed the loss to big errors made by some players.

Louis Van Gaal has pointed out to the club supporters to keep their faith in Manchester United and not get disheartened by the current decline and loss of form.

He claimed patience and time will be needed in turning around the fortunes of the club.

It’s important for the morale of the players for fans to keep having confidence in the team as the manager explores the change in philosophy which will definitely take time in players adapting fully.

It’s understandably difficult in this present situation and the manager remains highly confident of his approach.

Enjoying comfort, calmness and focus in Sir Alex Ferguson’s 25 year stay in Old Trafford, Manchester United fans may be expecting more success from their team soonest which doesn’t seem like it’s going to re-surface anytime soon.

Louis Van Gaal seems not to be bothered anyway despite the strange and funny start to the season so why should the fans be?

He made it clear it will probably take a while to get the team into his philosophy and despite the success in United States; he again confirmed fans will have to be patient with @ least 3 months needed for stability.

This clearly shows whatever is happening now is foreseen by the manager and giving him the first half of the season to get things right may not be that difficult although emotionally painful for devoted fans.

This goes a long way in showing the difference between David Moyes and LVG with the later knowing more of what he’s trying to accomplish at the club while the former kept asking for time without giving a precise period for his implementation.

It’s never easy to change a particular system.

Alex Ferguson was a great manager but it took a bit of time to get the club going.

Sir Alex Ferguson himself may have started Manchester United problems but it will take a period of transformation to get the team back and become consistent as they use to be.

The same every club will go through at one point or the other.

The arrival of Angel Di Maria from Real Madrid shows the intention of the club to fight back but the question is how Di Maria will fit into the present 3-5-2 formation.

His ability to play from the wings and midfield as shown in Real Madrid and Argentina will definitely be a bid addition to the squad but its expected Louis Van Gaal will still need another defender with his three senior centre backs having problems fitting into the system.

The manager earlier stated they lack a good winger which made it difficult to play the orthodox 4-4-2 formation and signing a Di Maria might see him play both Di Maria and Juan Mata in a 4-2-2-2 formation.

No one knows what his plans will be but the hunt of Arturo Vidal should also be supported by the signing of another defender by September first.

An Arturo Vidal and a good centre back will boost this present squad and their intention to return to top four can thus be considered.