Sol Campbell has warned England fans not to travel to Euro 2012 because they ‘could end up coming back in a coffin’.

Stay away or die! You could 'come home in a coffin' Campbell warns England fans

Posted Monday, May 28, 2012 by Dailymail
The former Arsenal and Tottenham defender believes visiting Poland or Ukraine is too much of a risk owing to the threat of violence and racism.
Campbell, who won 73 caps for England, has insisted UEFA were wrong to award such a prestigious tournament to the two countries.
The 37-year-old told the BBC’s Panorama: ‘Stay at home, watch it on TV. Don’t even risk it … because you could end up coming back in a coffin. I think they were wrong (to award Euro 2012 to Poland and Ukraine), because what they should say is that if you want this tournament you sort your problems out.
‘Until we see that you have sorted it out, you are never going to get the tournament. You do not deserve these prestigious tournaments in your country.’