Chelsea, Arsenal


Still angry over former Jose Mourinho’s comments when he made fun of Eto’o’s age saying he was either 33, 35, or no one knows his real age the Cameroonian international wants to get back at the Chelsea boss by joining Arsenal and scoring lots of goals.

Eto’o’s agents have been in touch with the Emirates letting them know that the free agent would like to join the Gunners and that doing so is his number one priority.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is eager to increase his strike force ahead of next season with a deal to sign Real Madrid’s Alvaro Morata said to be close.

The question mark over Eto’o would be how much he would want to earn at Arsenal, and whether or not he would be willing to earn less than he did at Chelsea or Anzhi Makhachkala.

Just last week he called Mourinho a “fool” and a “puppet “and would appear that joining Arsenal would be to prove that despite being 33-year-old he can still score goals.

We are not too sure about this one and feel that perhaps Arsenal would be better off passing on the former Barcelona striker letting him find another way to get back at Mourinho rather than using Arsenal for his own personal vendetta.