Wayne Rooney

Dutch international striker Robin van Persie says that both he and Wayne Rooney “can both end up with a lot of goals” can both end up scoring a lot of goals this season, and that Sundays Manchester derby is a he game for both teams.

RVP says that he is confident that his partnership with fellow Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney will go from “strength to strength” as they both plan to score plenty of goals this season.

Wayne Rooney just scored his 200th goal as a Manchester United player against Bundesliga side Bayer Leverkusen in the group stage of the Champions League midweek, and van Persie who has also been on fire since the start of the season says the duo make a great pair.

“I love to play with Wayne because, for me, he has it all. As long as we can combine that really well, as long as we work together and try to improve which we are doing, I think we can go from strength to strength,” he told reporters.

“I think everyone can see we want to play together, that we are trying to give the ball.

“For example, the ball that just missed me in the second half [against Leverkusen] when it went past me, he [Rooney] wanted to pass.

“Everyone could see that. It is good; it goes both ways. I really think if we can keep on growing, keep on passing each other the ball, we can both end up with a lot of goals this year.”

Both strikers are ready for the Manchester City match on Sunday, and know that even though it is still early in the season, it has to be looked at as a six pointed affair.

“I personally never think in negatives, but I think for both sides it is really important to stay close to the top,” he added. “If you lose you might be six points behind already. It’s a lot. So we don’t want that.”

“The games come really quick and we love it. This is what we are used to, this is our rhythm, a game every three or four days.

“The Champions League has started which we really like. Sunday is a massive game.”

The former Arsenal front man is also impressed with new boy Everton’s Marouane Fellaini after the big Belgium made his first appearance for the club last Wednesday.

“He [Fellaini] looks very all-round to me, he can defend, he’s tough, he can make a tackle; he can really find a pass, between the lines, which is very important for the boys up front,” Van Persie added.

“He can head a ball, he can help us with set pieces offensively and defensively.”