Florentino Perez the president of Real Madrid Football Club is confident that their star player Cristiano Ronaldo will put his signature on a contract extension before the end of the summer.

Perez believes that the Portuguese striker will end his career at the Santiago Bernabeu, and commented on one of the two goals Ronaldo scored against Chelsea when he pointed to the clubs crest on his shirt.

Ronaldo has been in the past few months linked to both Manchester United and also Monaco, yet Perez is sure he will stay with Los Blancos.

“We are all convinced that he will end his playing days at Real Madrid,” Perez told ESPN.

“At the end of the summer we will try to resolve this matter.

“The season starts next week, but before the end of the month or the beginning of next month, I’m sure [it will be sorted out].”

Real Madrid have also been active in the transfer market after selling Gonzalo Higuain to Napoli, they have thrown everything including the kitchen sink at Tottenham in the desire to land Spurs star striker Gareth Bale.

This would be a partnership to scare any defence Madrid came up against, and one which as a fan I am looking forward to watching.