By Ian Ladyman

New Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers arrived at Anfield on Friday with a declared intention to shake up the first-team squad and introduce a new style of all-out attacking football.

Rodgers: Liverpool will play with style, plus a few new arrivals
Rodgers refused to work with a director of football

Rodgers was unveiled at an Anfield press conference after signing a three-year contract with last season’s Carling Cup winners.

The departing Swansea manager said: ‘There are some talented players here but there is no doubt that to get the team to play how I want to play I’ll need to bring in other players.

‘To play the offensive, attacking football we did at Swansea we had to make changes in terms of recruitment. It’s the same here.

‘The principle of your game is based on your players. What we need to do is make a number of adjustments and bring in players for key positions that will allow us to play that way.

‘I don’t think it is a total rebuild but it is going to take a bit of time. That’s the reality. It is going to take a lot of hard work to play this way.’

Rodgers was full of praise for Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard and the club’s defence.

He also hinted that striker Andy Carroll may have a future under him.

Praise for the midfield was lacking, though, and it is clear this is where much of the 39-year-old’s restructuring will take place.

Rodgers also revealed that he told Liverpool he wouldn’t join if he had to work under a director of football.

He said: ‘I wanted clarity on it. I wanted to make sure that I would be in charge of football matters.

‘It’s absolute madness if you are the manager of the club and someone else tells you to have that player.

‘I am not a power freak. But my point is that I need to feel that I can manage it in terms of the team and I have a direct clear line through to the owners.

‘Once that becomes hazed and grey, for me there is a problem. I don’t think it was a model the owners were set on, by any means. They are still learning about the game.

‘I’ve had total clarity with this from the owners so I’ve got confidence that that will remain.

‘I didn’t want to be sat up there, say what I’ve said and then in three weeks’ time Louis van Gaal walks in the door.’

Rodgers has not yet rubber-stamped the arrival of his backroom staff from Swansea and has agreed not to sign players from his former club for 12 months.