ROBERTO MANCINI has accused referees of being BIASED towards Manchester United.

Refs should wear black, not red

The Manchester City boss saw United benefit from THREE key penalty decisions in successive home games and groaned: “The rules are not the same for everyone, they are sometimes different.

“This is a situation I don’t like because the rules should be the same for everyone — for us or for United or for West Brom.

“Every team should play with 11 players. The man on the pitch in a black shirt doesn’t have a blue shirt or a red shirt or a white shirt.”

Fulham were denied a clear spot-kick in the last moments of their game at Old Trafford when just 1-0 down.

Ashley Young then went down theatrically to earn penalties in a 2-0 win over QPR and 4-0 thumping of Villa.

Mancini added: “Everyone can make a mistake, but not like this.”

Mancini believes the key decisions for United have finally finished the title race.

City are five points adrift with just four games left.

The Etihad chief said: “The title is gone. It’s very difficult, particularly after some strange situations in the last three or four weeks.”

He also believes United’s recent run of good fortune baulks at the theory that things even themselves out over a season.

The Italian said: “There are some moments in the season when the mistake is more important. There are other moments that are not so much.”

Mancini is even more aggrieved given that he feels penalty calls have gone against City.

At Norwich last weekend, Carlos Tevez was booked for diving when it was a clear penalty.

And Mancini quipped: “The ref made an error because it was a red card and a five-game ban for Carlos!

“When I was in Italy I always thought here had the best referees.

“My thoughts have probably changed.