The head of Bundesliga referees Andreas Rettig has brought up the discussion of referees in the German league wearing Google Glasses that will allow them to watch television replays just like the viewers at home.

The 50-year-old Rettig admits that it will not happen overnight, but at least the discussion has begun.

During an interview with German newspaper Sued Deutsche he advocated the use glasses to alleviate mistakes such as Stefan Kiessling’s phantom goal for Bayer Leverkusen against Hoffenheim last month which you can see in the video below.

Rettig’s opinion of introducing new technology into soccer is as follows:

Basically, we are always open to new technological innovations, but it is also clear that we need to address the fundamental decisions more carefully. 

[We should think about] computer glasses for referees, such as Google Glass. When we think about technical progress, then we must take the next step to discuss whether the referee could wear glasses to see what everyone sees while sitting at home on the couch.

There is a strong argument against the video evidence, namely that the referee’s authority on the pitch would no longer be overriding, but if the referee [when reviewing incidents on Google Glass] was not relying on anyone or anything external, then he could accurately assess the scene immediately.

The issue is to be brought up at an official referee meeting this week, however the Bundesliga are yet to express their thoughts on the matter.

While I hate waiting for referee’s to review plays like they do in the NFL, I like that each manager has the chance to throw a flag and ask for only one play to be reviewed per game, and if the ruling on the pitch is overturned then they are not penalised, but if the referee’s ruling remains the opposing team could be awarded with a free kick just outside the box.

It would probably never happen but could you just imagine how many times Mourinho and Wenger would be reaching for it.