Red Star reporter told to leave touchline for being too attractive


Serbian television reporter Katarina Sreckovic who hosts a show dedicated to Red Star Belgrade has been asked on numerous occasions to leave the touchline as she was distracting players for being too attractive.

The 25-year-old said that she feared for her dream job after several of the Red Star players found it hard to concentrate while she was around telling the Daily Mail: ‘I admit it was a problem at the start but I think they’ve got used to me now,’ she said. ‘It was tough though because for a while it seemed as if they might not be able to work with me at all.

‘I was also asked to go away a couple of times because I was a distraction on the pitch, and players complained that they couldn’t concentrate.’

Red Star won the European Cup in 1991 but has struggled on the European stage since being banned from the Champions League for the 2014/15 season due to a breach of UEFA’s Financial Fair Play regulations.

Sreckovic however says she is a huge fan of the club, along with her boyfriend who is also a Red Star fan, but not a footballer.