Real Madrid midfielder signs for QPR

Estaban Granero has agreed to a four-year-contract with Queens Park Rangers following 60 appearances for the Spanish giants.

QPR manager Mark Hughes said: ‘He is a great player, first and foremost. You don’t play at a club like Real Madrid if you’re not.’

Hughes added: ‘He has been there from the age of nine, so this has been a huge decision for him. He is very well regarded there and for him to leave a club of that stature to come to us shows the belief he has in what we are trying to do.

‘He has got great energy and is technically very gifted, as you would expect from a Real Madrid player.

‘He is very comfortable on the ball and is an all-round excellent midfielder, which we will benefit from.’

Granero said: ‘I’m very happy to be here. I love the passion of the English fans.

‘I think QPR will continue to grow as a club and I want to be part of a very bright future here.

‘When I spoke to Mark and (technical director) Mike (Rigg), as well as (chairman) Tony (Fernandes), I was convinced that I wanted to be part of this project, which has no limits.

‘I am delighted to be part of this exciting chapter in the club’s history. Players that have joined before me are as excited as I am about what QPR can become, one of the great teams in England.’

Hughes added: ‘What we are doing at QPR is having an impact on players.

‘It is probably true to say that if we had approached certain players three or four months ago about joining the club, the suggestion wouldn’t have been entertained.

‘But people now know we are serious and we are trying to do something different here.

‘And that message is out there now which is why we are able to sit in front of quality players and once we are given that opportunity, we feel we have a good story to tell them.

‘That’s why players are deciding that QPR is a great option.’