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The president of Brazilian club Internacional, Giovanni Luigi is reports Liverpool have made not offer for striker Leandro Damiao, and that there has been no further interest from Tottenham either.

Earlier in the summer Damiao had been linked with a move to White Hart Lane following the signing of Paulinho, with recent interest by Liverpool as they looked for a replacement for Luis Suarez and as an alternative for Willian who eventually signed for Chelsea.

“There is nothing,” Luigi told Zero Hora. “Liverpool never made any offer, and I have never received a phone call from them.

“I don’t even know if they could afford to sign Leandro Damiao.

“The Zenit [St Petersburg] story was strong some time ago, but later they never talked about Leandro Damiao. Tottenham talked with me on January 30 and 31, then never again.”

Zero Hora has also quoted current Liverpool midfielder Lucas Leiva was quoted in Zero Hora as saying he is not aware of any plans for his countryman to join him at Anfield.

Lucas said: “I always know when there is something regarding any Brazilian player, but I have heard nothing at this time.”