Nigeria, Super Eagles,

An un-named coach from the Nigerian national team is accused of forcing his players into buying wristwatches at exorbitant prices.

According to the Football411 website, quite a few of Nigeria’s Super Eagles are claiming they are being made to buy wristwatches from the perpetrator for as much as $10,000 when the watches retail in Europe for between $500 and a $1,000.

“The coach buys the wristwatches between $500 and $1000 in Europe and forces us to buy them for $10, 000. If you don’t buy, you are regarded as an enemy.

“The most painful thing is that these wristwatches are sold at very cheap prices in Europe; they go for between $500 and $1000 but he brings them here to sell for us at such outrageous prices. I have to buy or I would be seen as encouraging the other players not to buy,” said the first player.

A second player made similar allegations: “Before I moved to my present club, I was on an apprentice contract, which means I wasn’t collecting much money but the coach forced me to buy the watch.

“The same thing happened to me, when I was invited to the senior team. It is not good for the team because a lot of players are grumbling, though they can’t come out and say it.”

We cannot say if this story is true or not, but if so is just another shameful mark on the state of football in Africa.