Despite being the Confederations Cup golden boot winner, Spanish international Fernando Torres has never lived up to his £50 million transfer fee since arriving at Chelsea.

New Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has been telling newspapers in Portugal that he intends to stick with the striker and thinks that he will be able to inspire him to regain his confidence, while at the same time teaching his fellow teammates how they can help by playing to the Spaniards game.

Towards the end of last season the Spaniard was starting to fire on all cylinders under caretaker boss Rafa Benitez, and I see no reason that anything will alter under Mourinho, and in fact if anything he will prove himself this season for the Blues.

“I don’t know if it’s confidence,” the Portuguese told several national newspapers. “I feel the guy is highly motivated, he works very hard.

“I think some of the work we do with the team in terms of attack suits his qualities. We are here to support him.

“Usually when he is clear, he scores that goal – but he has missed (recently). We know that this is Torres’ game. When we see Torres with his back to goal, surrounded by two or three opponents, we know that he is not going to produce a piece of magic.

“We want the team not to learn how to play with him, but to improve how to play with him. He is working very hard in training, we are happy with him.

“His game is impossible to remodel. But we want to adapt the team and teach the team how to use his best qualities.

“He is not a kid any more, he is at an age where it is difficult to change his play. He is what he is and he is very good with the qualities he’s got. So we need to learn and support his game.”