Mourinho, Chelsea,

By Mark Finlay

Jose Mourinho the new Chelsea boss says he is more ready than ever for the start of the Premiership season.

The Portuguese manager has already won the Premiership title twice during his earlier time at Stamford Bridge, but says he is now well primed for his second term in charge.

Chelsea’s new season gets underway this season with a home game against newly promoted Hull on Sunday with Mourinho today saying: “‘I see myself as somebody that should be in this competition. It’s my favourite one.

“I can say that, because I had experiences in three other countries, so I’m in good condition to say that this is my favourite competition and my favourite country to work in. I think I am in my natural habitat.

“I want to say to everyone in the country who goes to football every weekend, I am one of them. I love this football country and I want to try to give joy to everyone.

“I look forward to the salt and pepper of football, the unpredictability of every game, every result.”

“I think I am better than ever. Experience helps us to be better, especially managers. We are not like players that sometimes age changes for the negative side. I just want to be seen as someone who gives everything for his club and the Premier League.

“I look to improve my players and make a contribution to my club, not just in a selfish way, but to give the club conditions not just for tomorrow, but for the long term.

“Our start is difficult. I don’t like to play against teams from a lower division, who come with a fantastic mentality.

“The fans have to focus on the team and support the players. Our people are great in their sense of loyalty.”

Despite already having two bids rejected for Manchester United Wayne Rooney, he has not yet given up on the one signing he would like to make this summer. “We all say no but we lie, we obviously want to make it better.

“I like the squad, I’m not lying when I say that, but we are trying to get one player and we will see what happens.

“Until the last day, when the market is open, we all are waiting for something to happen.”