We all knew that it would not be long before the cool calm and collected Chelsea manager lost his cool.

Ever since returning to London Mourinho has been calm and collected during press conferences, but that was only until yesterday when the old Jose Mourinho took the bait.

In what started out as a run of the mill interview discussing his young Chelsea team were progressing the Spanish reporter suddenly asked a question about the Super Cup and Rafa Benitez.

The interviewer in what was clearly an attempt to get a rise out of the Portuguese coach said:

‘You’re first ever Super Cup is coming up, thanks to the triumph of Rafa Benitez.

Mourinho took the bait and instantly replied: ‘There are coaches out there who played Super Cups that I should have played – for example Benitez played the Super Cup with the Inter side that I should have played.

– ‘But you went to Madrid.’

Mourinho: ‘OK. And Benitez went to Napoli.’

Now realizing he had the reporter on the ropes Mourinho went on to say: ‘Benitez played the Super Cup, and the Club World Cup, AND the Italian Super Cup – and did you ever come to me to ask me what I thought of it? …How people forget!’

The Spanish reporter then realising that he had dug a hole for himself repeated his stupid argument, which now had the Chelsea manager laughing, ‘It’s curious, isn’t it? Even you, you interpret the events in a contrary way. Look at that, how interesting.’

I can’t wait for the season to start and those great press conferences with the special one.