After Bayern’s late goal he said “that’s football”

Mourinho says he did not expect Bayern to score the winner

The Real Madrid manager admitted that the Germans side’s late winner took him by surprise, but insists that Real will be playing all out in the second leg for a chance to be in the final.

Telling Sky Sports: “We tried to win. Immediately after the 1-1 we tried to win. But, to be fair, a few minutes later you realise that it’s difficult to win.

“They (brought on Thomas) Muller and they tried to play much more direct and tried to create some danger there.

“My team stayed a little bit back, we couldn’t keep the ball as well as we did in the first half and in the beginning of the second half.

“So from minute 70-75 I thought the 1-1 draw would be the result and let’s control it but the game comes from an action they are strong at, and we knew that.

“We were a better team in the first half, clearly. In the second half the game was a bit broken.

I didn’t like the second half so much but the game was basically under control by both teams and I don’t think anybody believed in the match they could score and win 2-1. I think the second goal came a bit out of context.

“But that’s football and they scored and we have to go to the second leg and play at home with a different atmosphere for sure and let’s go for it.”

Mourinho thinks that Ribery’s opening goal was offside but refuses to blame the linesman.

He said: “The linesman made a mistake in the first goal, it is clear offside. But that’s football.

“I accepted that because I don’t think he wants to make that mistake. I think he did it because he makes mistakes like everybody else.”

Bayern have all but conceded the Bundesliga title with them sitting eight points behind Borussia Dortmund with three games remaining, and will more than likely rest their top players at their league match this weekend with Werder Bremen, in preparation for the second leg in Madrid.

Mourinho added: “I prefer to have it than don’t have it like Bayern.

“Bayern are eight or nine points behind Dortmund. The match at the weekend means nothing for them, for us it means a lot. But I prefer that. We are fighting for the title; we know that is a disadvantage but its better like this.”