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Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has called clubs that spend big money in the transfer market “economic sharks”.

When talking about UEFA’s FFP policy which was supposed to ensure that clubs did not spend more than they have brought in, a summer of reckless spending has occurred never the less.

Mourinho feels that Chelsea has taken the correct approach with their summer dealings, and is unhappy that other clubs have not.

“Clubs have to think about the future, where financial fair play will make us think about football in a different way,” he said in an interview with ESPN.

“We have already started but other clubs seem to think FFP will never start or they think they can override what FFP says and determines. They have continued spending incredible sums. We have gone with another thought.”

Chelsea has not exactly been shy spending this summer either brining in Andre Schurrle, Marco Van Ginkel, Willian and Samuel Eto’o for various amounts of money.

Mourinho though points to the clubs youth policy as evidence that the Blues are spending correctly.

“The club has invested in young players and, with those young players mixed with the players who came to Chelsea in the past, we are constructing a team to compete directly with those who invest more,” he said, with of course 32-year-old Eto’o being the exception to that rule.

“But we are happy. We have a young team with a bright future. We have two players almost for every position, some more experienced, some with more potential for growth. And we have other players, loaned out for one, two or three years, that have to come back.

“And with less investment, we intend to maintain the level of these economic sharks who seem like they will continue with the desire to buy and they will keep buying. I’m happy for them that they have that objective.”

Mourinho added: “I am used to these injustices. I won the Champions League with Porto without investing and playing teams who had spent money. It was not mentioned much.”

Then taking a swipe at the people who said Chelsea only managed to win things after Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich spent vast amounts of money on players.

“After I arrived at Chelsea at the start of Mr.(Roman) Abramovich’s investment, he spent money and bought players, and when I won they said it was because I had spent money,” he said.

“And now we do not buy players, the others do and I do not see the same sort of opprobrium criticising these clubs spending a huge amount at a time when, socially and politically, Europe is not in a very good moment.

“I do not see the same sort of criticism. That is the injustice.”