Manchester United

The Sports editor of the Manchester Evening News Peter Spencer has told talkSPORT that all the uncertainty over whether David Moyes will be in charge at the club next season is hampering their efforts to sign new players as they try to rebuild.

Moyes has endured a miserable first season in charge of a club used to winning with hope of even qualifying for the Champions League now seeming like a far off dream as they find themselves ten points behind fourth placed Arsenal.

The press is constantly bringing up names of possible replacements for the 50-year-old Scot and Spencer thinks until the club comes out and states publically that Moyes will be at the helm next season problems attracting players will persist.

“The Glazers they need to come out and say whether they are backing David Moyes because if they say yes, if it comes from the top and it says, ‘we’re going to honour his contract for another five years’ then it will help him attract players.

“But while there’s this uncertainty surrounding him, it’s not going to help him at all.”