Manchester United Goalkeeper to Real Madrid will NOT HAPPEN as Spanish transfer window closes


Sky Sports Spanish football expert Guillem Balague is convinced that Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea will now not move to Real Madrid this summer,here’s what he said:

“The news is the documentation was not done on time. David de Gea was at his girlfriend’s house waiting, Keylor Navas was waiting, everything was signed and sent to Manchester but the stories coming out of the Spanish media are that Manchester United sent the paperwork back at 12.01pm Spanish time, so past the deadline.

“Everything was agreed, there was a little bit of a battle of figures, but everybody was waiting in their places. The Bernabeu was full of people, but the documents signed by Real Madrid and Keylor Navas did not come back from Manchester United on time.

“The Spanish media are fuming and saying this is revenge for what happened with Sergio Ramos (not going to Old Trafford).

“There is no precedent for a deal to be done past the deadline. Fabio Coentrao was in the same situation a few years ago when he was going to potentially move to Manchester United.

“The documents did not arrive in time, Real Madrid asked for five minutes and the league said no, so there is no precedent for this to be overruled. I know in England if everything is agreed you can have an extension but that has never happened in Spain and is not expected to happen.”

Well it doesn’t take a translator to work out what MARCA made of tonight’s events.
In fairness, it couldn’t have been summed up any better.
Could a wrong file format really scupper the deal?