Manchester United boss executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward has taken a thinly disguised swipe at former Red Devils manager David Moyes by saying that Dutchman Van Gaal has the ‘charisma’ to manage a club the size of Manchester United.

Moyes joined United from Everton at the same time Woodward got promoted to be executive vice-chairman, but just lasted ten month in the job before getting the sack.

During this time Moyes was criticised for his lack of big club experience, and was replaced by van Gaal who already had Barcelona and Bayern Munich on his resume.

‘His biggest impact, I think, has been his charisma,’ said Woodward.

‘When you look at him you see a winner.

‘Someone who comes through the door, you know that he’s delivered in the past and I think that immediately delivers respect to the players and they listen to him and his meticulous way of planning training is delivering those results.’