manchester united


Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal is said to covert the idea of winning trophies when in his first season in charge of a new club as he did while at Barcelona and Bayern Munich, yet his only chance of keeping that record alive flew out of the window last night when the Red Devils were taken apart not only by an Arsenal team, but by a player (Danny Welbeck) who the Dutchman said was not good enough for his team.

And now with the FA Cup no longer available the fans may just forgive him if he manages to secure a top-four finish which is not by any means guaranteed, especially if based on last night’s performance is anything to go by.

United looked woeful in midfield with the exception of Wayne Rooney, who as always puts in the work.

We got to watch a blatant dive from Angel Di Maria when the Argentinian went down after the faintest of touches only to see him sent off later for grabbing referee Michael Oliver’s shirt for a second yellow card.

United looked a million miles away from a team that should be playing in the Champions League after LVG once more reverted to throwing the ball into the box in the hope of finding an equaliser, while goalkeeper David De Gea once again saved United from what would be an even heavier defeat.

To be brutally honest it appears to us here at Soccer Transfers, that even now nearly a year into the job LVG cannot decide on who he wants to play chopping and changing from week to week as he tries to find his best XI.

Van Gaal is always talking about his philosophy, and how his record speaks for itself, yet what we have witnessed so far this season is a team that has lost its way under an arrogant manager, who to be quite honest if we were in the United boardroom would be looking at bringing in a man that is true to United’s desire to play attacking football rather than to hand over another £150 million this summer so that the Dutchman can add more players to his already unbalanced team.

If United does not qualify for the Champions League we may very well see a help wanted sign go up at Old Trafford, as many fans exhale after what for them was a season of boring football.