A surprise story emerged yesterday about possible Chelsea interest in Tottenham’s Luka Modric. The club had a huge bid refused last summer and the player looks to be going to Real Madrid for much less than that, the British media reported that Roman Abramovich’s side were interested in reigniting a deal.

Luka Modric isn't interested in move to Chelsea but Levy uses supposed interest to test Real Madrid

The proposal would have seen Raul Meireles and Daniel Sturridge, and a big lump of cash, move to White Hart Lane in exchange for the Croatian midfielder. However, any possibility of it being true – or Modric being interested – has been rubbished by the Spanish press.

Modric is determined to move to Real Madrid and simply won’t listen to any other options aside from his dream destination, the deal is almost done and he’s not prepared to entertain anything which may complicate that.

The Croatian’s agent is due in Madrid tomorrow to finalise things, say Marca, but personal terms have already been agreed and although the La Liga club are desperate to announce the deal now, they are putting up with Daniel Levy being awkward because they know the deal will happen whether it’s tomorrow or on August 31st.

Spurs originally wanted Real Madrid to hold back on any announcement because they were looking for a replacement but now Marca says Daniel Levy is trying get a few more million out of the club which appears petty.

He’s entitled to ask what he wants for a Tottenham player but it appears he’s agreed a price and is now trying to get a little more on the back of supposed Chelsea interest, which makes you wonder where that news came from. If Levy drags this out further for a couple more million Euros then it’s all a bit counter-productive, Tottenham lost their first game yesterday and rather than have a chairman trying to save face they’d be better with a chairman fighting to bring players in.