Published Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Liverpool farce continues

The farce at Liverpool continues with Kenny Dalglish’s throne increasingly coming under attack – even from within the faithful at Anfield.

After dropping a jaw-dropping 27 points at home this season, Kenny in comments to British press, has blamed the anomaly on bad luck.

After news yesterday that Liverpool might face the rough prospect of losing their best player of the season Luis Suarez, but keeping flop of the season Andy Carroll, more transfer rumours to emerge at the Kop are not exactly inspiring.

The latest, according to the Daily Mail, Dirk Kuyt and Maxi Rodriguez could stay at Anfield next season after Liverpool has supposedly changed the stance they had taken on their futures.

When one considers Kuyt’s scoring record, and his blinding miss in front of goal, it can hardly enourage Liverpool fans that Kuyt and Rodriguez who had been earmarked to move on, might be saved for Liverpool’s will Europa Cup run.

It’s now a bit passé to talk about price tags. Especially given that with each passing game Andy Carroll’s reduces to a level that Liverpool can’t even contemplate getting rid of him.

Maybe that is why manager Kenny Dalglish is not talking about letting his 35-million pound blunder go.

Ironically, it will be Liverpool’s player of the season Luis Suarez – who was the only one to come out of yesterday’s game with any credentials – that may leave in the summer.

The biggest spenders of next season are unlikely to be from Manchester or even from Madrid.

It is Paris St Germain and its new Qatari backers that are gearing to take the summer transfer windows by storm.

Carlo Ancelotti is in charge and he has made it clear he wants Suarez and possibly even Edin Dzeko from Manchester City.

Liverpool may be stuck with Carroll. Is Anfield willing to live with Carling and FA Cups?

However, Carroll insisted his confidence has been shattered by Dalglish’s player rotation policy.

“I didn’t come to Anfield to sit on the bench,” Carroll was quoted as saying in the British press.

He added: “I am confident in myself that, if I am playing games, I will score goals and put myself about.

“I cannot really do that if I am on the bench and coming on in the last 10 minutes of games.

“It has just been difficult in terms of not playing.

“I feel I have given it my best shot.”

Whether it would be enough salvage Dalglish’s job remains to be seen.

“What I want is to start games and put myself about like I know I can. When I haven’t been playing, you get low on confidence. I think that is the same with every player.

“It is always hard when you come into a team and you haven’t been playing every week. It is always hard for anyone just to perform straight away and when you don’t know if you are going to be in.”