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Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany has said that he would love to have his fellow Belgium international Kevin De Bruyne join him at the Etihad.

Since being rejected by Chelsea the 24-year-old was sold to German side Wolfsburg where he has gone on to be one of the biggest stars in the German league equalling an incredible 21 assists in 33 games.

With all the talk now linking De Bruyne to Manchester City, fellow international teammate Kompany is thrilled at the thought of having De Bruyne playing with City in the Premiership.

‘Let me put it this way, he is definitely not going to make the team weaker. He’s a phenomenal player,’ Kompany said.

‘Our squad can become stronger by getting everyone in the right direction.

‘We had so many players – and I was one of them, especially at the end of last season – who didn’t perform and if they do, then it’s like having six or seven new players. Then we do have a stronger squad.

‘Players like Raheem and Delph, from what I’ve seen, will give us something different.’