Manchester City, Liverpool

Manchester City striker Stevan Jovetic thinks that City’s experience gives them the edge in the title race.

Despite only being limited to two starts for City since joining from Fiorentina last summer after being plagued by injuries the Montenegrin striker is fully fit and confident that City can repeat the success of 2012.

“This squad has a lot of experience because we won the Premier League two years ago,” he said to Sky Sports.

“We know how to play and keep the pressure down and I think Liverpool have more pressure – I think we are going to win.

“I am happy for my goal but especially for the victory because now we have seven games, seven finals, and hopefully at the end we will win the league.

“We must believe we can win all seven games, because then we can do what we want, but it is important that we are in pole position.

“The next game against Liverpool will decide a lot of things, but even if we win that game there are more hard games to come.”

“A draw would be good but I think we are the team that always goes for the victory and I hope it will be the same at Anfield,” he said.

Jovetic also feels that City has a much more balanced team than Liverpool and is confident going into Sundays match.

“It’s important that a team has so many players who can score, as we saw on Saturday, with Nasri, Edin, me and Yaya all scoring,” he said.

“There is always someone who is going to score for us, but we also have the defence and midfield playing well.

“I think that gives us a small advantage. It is not important who scores, but just that we score.”

“I have been fit for the last four games, but played in the first one against Fulham, was on the bus for the next two, and then played and scored against Southampton,” he said.

“I am fit and feel good every time I play. I am ready, and know I can do very good things for this club.”