I am starting to wonder if Arsene Wenger knows what he is doing by trying to sign Luis Suarez, and while I admit he is a fantastic player he does come with a bit of baggage.

Just as a leopard can’t change the spots on its fur, a person can’t change their personality, even if they say they have. It’s part of them.

Before playing in the Champions League became so important for Suarez it was his persecution by the British press that he was citing as his reason not only for leaving Liverpool but the country as well.

If he thinks moving to the Emirates will take the spotlight off him he is sadly mistaken for if anything it will put even more under the spotlight.

Does Arsene Wenger honestly think that Liverpool would sell their top goalscorer to a team they will be competing against for a Champions League place next season?

Call me cynical but perhaps Wenger has only bid to show the Gooners that he has tried to land a bid player after slamming other clubs big spending this summer making me think that the whole Suarez bid is just a smokescreen while Wenger goes about his old ways of trying to sign youngsters for very little money.

“Look, we have values that we want our players to respect,” Wenger said. “And no matter where they come from, we are of course very in touch with that. This club has built a reputation, not only during my period here but over 130 years and values that are very important to this club have to be respected by every player, no matter where he comes from. And that will be with every potential signing.”

“I don’t want to speak about Suarez,” he said. “That is between Liverpool and Arsenal and we will completely respect what Liverpool want to do and we will do that if it is feasible in an amicable way. I am a great believer that you have to keep as much confidentiality as you can – although that is quite difficult in the modern world.”

Despite failing in his bid to sign Gonzalo Higuain, Wenger reverts back to his old familiar ways saying:

“If you can give me names that are better than who we have I am ready to talk about it,” he said. “The young players we have, they are on the way up. If you look at [Carl] Jenkinson, [Kieran] Gibbs, [Aaron] Ramsey, [Jack] Wilshere, [Alex Oxlade-] Chamerbain and [Theo] Walcott, they have come through and have experience in the Premier League. They will be better. Football it is not only about bringing players from outside. It is about developing.”

There you have it Arsenal fans Wenger is already back to his old ways, and just like Suarez the same applies to the Frenchman when you hear the phrase a leopard can’t change the spots on its fur.