chelsea, liverpool


By Tom Finn

Inter Milan star striker Mauro Icardi is being talked about making a sensational £28 million move to either Liverpool or Chelsea next summer.

The 21-year-old Italian had been backed to move to the Premiership last summer, but decided to stay one more season in Italy playing in the Serie A.

Recent reports coming out of Milan suggest that the Italian striker is not a part of new manager Roberto Mancini’s plans for the club and that he would now be ready to move to England.

Speaking to Italian sports newspaper La Gazzetta dell Sport, former manager Jesus Hernandez said he would light up the Premiership if he decided to move saying: If Icardi played in Spain or England, where he is likely to go, he would be a star.

“He will become one. He has the talent to be the new Ronaldo. You’ll see.”