Football Transfers-THE HIDDEN TRUTHS from Jon Price Betting Expert


In professional football leagues, player transfer is the major way of generating revenues and/or making a strong squad for the team so as to challenge for the coveted championship. For smaller teams, player transfer is a mode of generating high revenues. Take for example, Tottenham Hotspurs – they were a just a decent team in the English Premier league who were happy with a mid-table finish until they produced a player named Gareth Bale. This champion forward was coveted by many big clubs and finally Real Madrid brought this player for a whopping one million euros. Thus generating a huge revenue surplus for Tottenham, who now thrive in the EPL with a decent Squad.

Judging the Valuations!!!!!

The main trick in player transfers is that there has to be calculation as to how a player’s valuation should be, whether the player will be able to fit into the teams playing style or not and also the versatility of the player in playing at various positions increases the chances of getting a higher value for a player. Moreover, the performance of the player in the previous season is an important parameter in judging the valuation of the player. Studying and knowing the game is the second most important aspect behind knowing the Players  expert football handicappers like Price analyze a player’s morale and his family wish is also a very important factor in player transfer. One example of this case is the player transfer of Cesc Fabregas from Barcelona to Chelsea. Two teams were in the fray to sign the player, Chelsea and Manchester United. Although the latter team offered him a better deal, but Cesc’s wife was inclined to stay in London and not in Manchester and thus the player joined Chelsea.


The recent uprising in player transfer world is the revelation of Cristiano Ronaldo, who feels unsettled in Real Madrid and is set to leave the club for greener pastures. This development maybe trigged due to the recent mishandling of player transfer of Iker Cassilas by the clubs president Florentino Perez. Cassilas, who was the team’s captain, had sworn his allegiance to this team forever. But the president thinks that Loyalty is only earned by money. Maybe this has led Ronaldo to rethink his position, probably because he can’t see himself getting cast away one day. The fact that Ronaldo previously stated that if he leaves Real Madrid, then he will only play for Manchester United and sell his image rights to Valencia’s owner Peter Lim sends the message that he is not happy at Real Madrid. This has fuelled the speculation even further as Manchester United is desperately in need of a striker and Louis Van Gaal indicated that there might be a surprise up his sleeve. So, all these have led the experts to speculate that Manchester United might be the destination for this superstar striker this summer.

If this player transfer deal happens, then this will be record transfer move. With Ronaldo’s buyout clause at one billion, the player will certainly have to drop his buyout clause by several folds like Pedro, to secure a move to United. Even the betting sites like BetWin, William Hill, are giving great odds for Ronaldo’s move away from Madrid. As of now, the player agent Jorge Mendes has been tight lipped over the issue. Only time will tell as to how this saga will unfold, but right now all the Madristas are having their heart in their mouth.