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Despite a nerve wracking finish to the Belgium midfielders move from Everton to Manchester on the last day of the transfer window Fellaini has said it was worth it.


As the clock neared the 11pm deadline Marouane Fellaini handed a transfer request to Everton in the hope that it would speed things up, and it did with a deal between the clubs being signed with just a minute to spare.

United’s new signing told Sky Sports after playing for his country in a 2-0 victory over Scotland on Friday night: “It was a great week for me. It was nervous on Monday, but I have my transfer and I won with Belgium, so I’m happy.

“When I started the campaign with Everton, I looked forward for a transfer and in the end I am happy.

“I look forward to playing with the players. I need to work hard for my place. I want to win something with Manchester. I want to play a lot of games and win a trophy.

“It will be tough, every year it is tough for the big teams. But I think Manchester United have quality to win the trophy. I look forward to this.

“It’s a big step for me. But I have played for five years in England, I know the league and I know the players, so I don’t think I will have a problem with this move.”