What will the talk be this morning when the Fenway Sports Group start asking their questions, about another dismal performance by Liverpool. I am sure that John Henry has heard all the excuses by now of how badly the once proud Reds have been playing.

Will a FA Cup win save Kennys job at Liverpool

They very well may be wondering if perhaps they have put the wrong man in charge with Liverpool losing five of their last six Premiership games.

We must remember that the men in charge live in Boston, and are not football fans like us. The one thing they do know though is that winning team’s make money and teams that lose cost them money.

It is just a hunch on my part, but with the Premiership season effectively over the only thing left for Liverpool is the FA Cup, and should they fail to win that I think we can say goodbye to King Kenny.

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has told his players to deal with their frustrations in a better way after goalkeeper Pepe Reina got sent off during the match at Newcastle for a supposed head-butt on Newcastle’s James Perch, which will mean he will miss next week’s FA Cup semi-final against Everton at Wembley.

There is a chance that Liverpool could appeal the sending off as one of the videos show that no contact was made.

Andy Caroll, Dalglish’s £35 million signing had a miserable game for the Reds, and was seen mouthing abuse at Dalglish as he headed straight for the tunnel.

Dalglish in his press conference after the match said: “We started well enough. We passed and moved and looked pretty threatening, but obviously, it ended up with a lot of frustration and disappointment.
“The frustration and disappointment resulted in the actions Pepe (Reina) took when he got a deserved red card.

Also when Andy came off and went up the tunnel, he was disappointed with the way the game was going, not necessarily for him, but for the team, and the frustration took him up into the dressing room.
“We don’t have a problem with people showing their desperation or disappointment or frustration, but we need to channel it better than we have done.”